Method Effects of Language in a Survey

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Method Effects of Language in a Survey
This study is twofold. First, this study aims to investigate to what extent the language in which a questionnaire is drawn up, affects the invariance between cultural groups (within a sample). Secondly, this study investigates whether there are differences in the extent to which groups of different ethnic origin, within the Netherlands, experience feelings of distrust, dissatisfaction and a desire for political change.
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Longitudinal Study
Zavala-Rojas, Diana, Saris, Willem
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Longitudinal Wave


Application of a list experiment at the population level: The case of opposition to immigration in the Netherlands In P. J. Lavrakas, M. W. Traugott, C. Kennedy, A. L. Holbrook, E. D. de Leeuw & B. T. West (Eds.), Experimental methods in survey research. Techniques that combine random sampling with random assignment (pp. 181-193) ; Creighton, M. J., et al.