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The survey is about the role of protective factors on parental well-being and mental health.
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Single Wave Study
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Mariëlle Cloïn, Hedwig van Bakel, Ioana van Deurzen
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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of the household member encryptedpreloaded
pd19a_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
pd19a001What is the age of your youngest child living at home?directly measured
pd19a002What is the gender of your youngest child living at home?directly measured
pd19a003I feel positive about being a parent/caregiver.directly measured
pd19a004I take good care of my child even when I am sad.directly measured
pd19a005I find ways to handle problems related to my child.directly measured
pd19a006I take good care of my child even when I have personal problems.directly measured
pd19a007I manage the daily responsibilities of being a parent/caregiver.directly measured
pd19a008I have the strength within myself to solve problems that happen in my life.directly measured
pd19a009I am confident I can achieve my goals.directly measured
pd19a010I take care of my daily responsibilities even if problems make me sad.directly measured
pd19a011I believe that my life will get better even when bad things happen.directly measured
pd19a012I have someone who will help me get through tough times.directly measured
pd19a013I have someone who helps me calm down when I get upset.directly measured
pd19a014I have someone who can help me calm down if I get frustrated with my child.directly measured
pd19a015I have someone who will encourage me when I need it.directly measured
pd19a016I have someone I can ask for help when I need it.directly measured
pd19a017I have someone who will tell me in a caring way if I need to be a better parent/caregiver.directly measured
pd19a018I have someone who helps me feel good about myself.directly measured
pd19a019I am willing to ask for help from my family.directly measured
pd19a020I have someone to talk to about important things.directly measured
pd19a021I don’t give up when I run into problems trying to get the services I need.directly measured
pd19a022I make an effort to learn about the resources in my community that might be helpful for me.directly measured
pd19a023When I cannot get help right away, I don’t give up until I get the help I need.directly measured
pd19a024I know where to go if my child needs help.directly measured
pd19a025I am willing to ask for help from community programs or agencies.directly measured
pd19a026I know where I can get helpful information about parenting and taking care of children.directly measured
pd19a027Asking for help for my child is easy for me to do.directly measured
pd19a028I know where to get help if I have trouble taking care of emergencies.directly measured
pd19a029I try to get help for myself when I need it.directly measured
pd19a030I maintain self-control when my child misbehaves.directly measured
pd19a031I help my child learn to manage frustration.directly measured
pd19a032I stay patient when my child cries.directly measured
pd19a033I play with my child when we are together.directly measured
pd19a034I can control myself when I get angry with my child.directly measured
pd19a035I make sure my child gets the attention he or she needs even when my life is stressful.directly measured
pd19a036I stay calm when my child misbehaves.directly measured
pd19a037I help my child calm down when he or she is upset.directly measured
pd19a038I am happy when I am with my child.directly measured
pd19a039In most ways my life is close to my ideal.directly measured
pd19a040The conditions of my life are excellent.directly measured
pd19a041I am satisfied with my life.directly measured
pd19a042So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.directly measured
pd19a043If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.directly measured
pd19a044This past month ....I felt very anxious.directly measured
pd19a045This past month ....I felt so down that nothing could cheer me up.directly measured
pd19a046This past month ....I felt calm and peaceful.directly measured
pd19a047This past month ....I felt depressed and gloomy.directly measured
pd19a048This past month ....I felt happy.directly measured
pd19a049Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
pd19a050Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
pd19a051Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
pd19a052Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
pd19a053Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
pd19a054Starting date questionnaireconstructed
pd19a055Starting time questionnaireconstructed
pd19a056End date questionnaireconstructed
pd19a057End time questionnaireconstructed
pd19a058Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Parenthood

The questionnaire was administered in Dutch

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 854 (100%)
Non-response: 244 (28.6%)
Response: 610 (71.4%)
Complete: 602 (70.5%)
Incomplete: 8 (0.9%)
Collection Events
01-04-2019 to 30-04-2019
Adults with a youngest child up to the age of 12
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents