Reasons to eat less meat

Single Wave Study

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Reasons to eat less meat
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The survey is about reasons to eat less meat.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Wiebke Bleidorn, Chris Hopwood
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Funding Organization
University of California

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of the household member encryptedpreloaded
oi18a_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
oi18a001I want to be healthydirectly measured
oi18a002Plant-based diets are better for the environmentdirectly measured
oi18a003Animals do not have to sufferdirectly measured
oi18a004Animals’ rights are respecteddirectly measured
oi18a005I want to live a long timedirectly measured
oi18a006Plant-based diets are more sustainabledirectly measured
oi18a007I care about my bodydirectly measured
oi18a008Eating meat is bad for the planetdirectly measured
oi18a009Animal rights are important to medirectly measured
oi18a010Plant-based diets are environmentally-friendlydirectly measured
oi18a011It does not seem right to exploit animalsdirectly measured
oi18a012Plants have less of an impact on the environment than animal productsdirectly measured
oi18a013I am concerned about animal rightsdirectly measured
oi18a014My health is important to medirectly measured
oi18a015I don’t want animals to sufferdirectly measured
oi18a016Are you vegan (do you only eat plant-based products)?directly measured
oi18a017Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
oi18a018Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
oi18a019Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
oi18a020Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
oi18a021Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
oi18a022Starting date questionnaireconstructed
oi18a023Starting time questionnaireconstructed
oi18a024End date questionnaireconstructed
oi18a025End time questionnaireconstructed
oi18a026Duration questionnaire in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Reasons to eat less meat

The questionnaire was administered in Dutch

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 6,674 (100%)
Non-response: 926 (13.9%)
Response: 5,748 (86.1%)
Complete: 5,742 (86.0%)
Incomplete: 6 (0.1%)
Collection Events
02-07-2018 to 31-07-2018
Panel members of 16 years or older
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents

06-08-2018 to 28-08-2019
non-respondents of the first measurement
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents