Big Five Inventory (BFI-NL)

Single Wave Study

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Big Five Inventory (BFI-NL)
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The survey consists of questions to measure personality.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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The items of the Big Five Inventory were also studied in '246 Big Five Inventory 2019’ and '268 Big 5 Inventory 2 - 2020'.
Jaap Denissen, Rinie Geenen, Marcel van Aken
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Funding Organization
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of the household member encryptedpreloaded
nv17a_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
nv17a001is communicative, sociabledirectly measured
nv17a002is involved, sympatheticdirectly measured
nv17a003tends to be sloppydirectly measured
nv17a004is relaxed, handles stress welldirectly measured
nv17a005has not much interest in artdirectly measured
nv17a006is a person who stands up for himselfdirectly measured
nv17a007is respectful, treats others with respectdirectly measured
nv17a008tends to be lazydirectly measured
nv17a009remains optimistic after a setbackdirectly measured
nv17a010is curious about many different thingsdirectly measured
nv17a011is rarely elated or eagerdirectly measured
nv17a012tends to find fault with othersdirectly measured
nv17a013is responsible, sounddirectly measured
nv17a014can be moodydirectly measured
nv17a015is inventivedirectly measured
nv17a016tends to be quietdirectly measured
nv17a017has little sympathy for othersdirectly measured
nv17a018is systematic, likes to keep things in orderdirectly measured
nv17a019can be tensedirectly measured
nv17a020is fascinated by art, music, or literaturedirectly measured
nv17a021sets the tone, acts as a leaderdirectly measured
nv17a022is quarrelsomedirectly measured
nv17a023has difficulty starting tasksdirectly measured
nv17a024feels confident, at ease with himselfdirectly measured
nv17a025avoids intellectual, philosophical discussionsdirectly measured
nv17a026less lively than othersdirectly measured
nv17a027has a forgiving nature and is tolerantdirectly measured
nv17a028can be somewhat carelessdirectly measured
nv17a029is emotionally stable is, not easily upsetdirectly measured
nv17a030has little creativitydirectly measured
nv17a031is sometimes shy, inhibiteddirectly measured
nv17a032is helpful and unselfish with othersdirectly measured
nv17a033keeps things neat and tidydirectly measured
nv17a034worries a lotdirectly measured
nv17a035values arts and eastheticdirectly measured
nv17a036finds it difficult to influence othersdirectly measured
nv17a037is sometimes rude to othersdirectly measured
nv17a038does things efficientlydirectly measured
nv17a039often feels saddirectly measured
nv17a040is nuanced, a deep thinkerdirectly measured
nv17a041is full of energydirectly measured
nv17a042is not generally trustingdirectly measured
nv17a043is reliable, always follows rulesdirectly measured
nv17a044keeps his/her emotions under controldirectly measured
nv17a045has little imaginationdirectly measured
nv17a046is talkativedirectly measured
nv17a047can be cold an aloofdirectly measured
nv17a048messes things up, does not clean updirectly measured
nv17a049rarely feels anxious or afraiddirectly measured
nv17a050believes that poetry and drama are boringdirectly measured
nv17a051preferably sees that others take the leaddirectly measured
nv17a052polite, courteous to othersdirectly measured
nv17a053perseveres until the task is finisheddirectly measured
nv17a054tends to be depressed, blue directly measured
nv17a055has little interest in abstract ideasdirectly measured
nv17a056generates a lot of enthusiasmdirectly measured
nv17a057presume the best in peopledirectly measured
nv17a058sometimes behaves irresponsibly and thoughtlesslydirectly measured
nv17a059is short-tempered, easily emotionaldirectly measured
nv17a060is original, comes up with new ideasdirectly measured
nv17a061has trouble convincing other peopledirectly measured
nv17a062is reliable, always fulfills expectationsdirectly measured
nv17a063does not assume the good intentions of othersdirectly measured
nv17a064is reliable, always comply with agreementsdirectly measured
nv17a065is suspicious of the intentions of othersdirectly measured
nv17a066Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
nv17a067Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
nv17a068Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
nv17a069Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
nv17a070Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
nv17a071Starting date questionnaireconstructed
nv17a072Starting time questionnaireconstructed
nv17a073End date questionnaireconstructed
nv17a074End time questionnaireconstructed
nv17a075Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Big Five Inventory (BFI-NL)

The questionnaire was administered in Dutch

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 1,135 (100%)
Non-response: 308 (27.1%)
Response: 827 (72.9%)
Complete: 824 (72.6%)
Incomplete: 3 (0.3%)
Collection Events
07-08-2017 to 29-08-2017
The selection was based on both age and gender, such that in each of the five age categories there were 80 men and 80 women. The age ranged from 18 – 82 years, as follows: category 1: 18-30; category 2: 31-43; category 3: 44-56; category 4: 57-69; category 5: 70-82. In total, 160 * 5 = 800 respondents was requested.
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents


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