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Mobility Research
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The Mobility study was launched at the end of April 2013. This study consists of the following three parts for each of the three waves:  
  1. 1. Online diary: a brief questionnaire in which respondents report the trips of "day 1".
  2. 2. Recording of trips using the Movesmarter app and perform a check via personal dashboard, two weeks of field work..   
  • a. Trips: the recording of trips
  • b. Day questions: the answers to day questions.
    1. 3. Evaluation: participation in the study is evaluated.

  • Working with the Movesmarter app

    For 14 days, panel members carry on them a (loan) smartphone on which the Movesmarter app has been installed. The Movesmarter app uses Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS functionality to record the panel member's movements as accurately as possible. The app displays the distance, travel time and mode of transport. In a personal dashboard, behind the login page of the LISS panel questionnaires, the panel members could modify and supplement the recorded trip information. By adding a purpose and description of the location for each trip, the display of subsequent trips could be improved.


    Specifically for this study, panel members signed their agreement to an informed consent form, stating that the mobility data would temporarily be saved and analyzed by third parties i.e., on servers not managed by CentERdata.

    The study consisted of three waves.

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