Fighting Poverty at Home and Abroad: Explaining Attitudes Towards Poverty Assistance Programs

Single Wave Study

General Information

Fighting Poverty at Home and Abroad: Explaining Attitudes Towards Poverty Assistance Programs
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This study investigates the determinants of redistributive programs and the attitudes of citizens whose tax contributions fund them. In addition the study means to identify how support for redistribution, both domestic and international, varies across countries.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Lauren R. Prather
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CentERdata/MESS Project

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Codebook in English
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Appendix A

Data Files

English SPSS file
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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of the household member encryptedpreloaded
kb13_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
kb13a001What version of the news article was presented?constructed
kb13a002Do you support or oppose the proposed program?directly measured
kb13a003How strongly do you [support/oppose] the proposed program?directly measured
kb13a004How many complete meals per day do you think recipients of this proposed program would have without assistance from the government?directly measured
kb13a005How effective do you think that this proposed program is in reducing poverty?directly measured
kb13a006Do you agree or disagree that the Dutch government has a moral obligation to assist the recipients of this proposed program?directly measured
kb13a007How likely do you think it is that this proposed program would reduce the money available for other Dutch government priorities?directly measured
kb13a008How close do you feel, in terms of your ideas and interests, to the recipients of this proposed program?directly measured
kb13a009Why do you think most people who would receive assistance from this proposed program are poor?directly measured
kb13a010How do you expect unemployment levels to change next year?directly measured
kb13a011Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
kb13a012Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
kb13a013Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
kb13a014Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
kb13a015Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
kb13a016Starting date questionnaireconstructed
kb13a017Starting time questionnaireconstructed
kb13a018End date questionnaireconstructed
kb13a019End time questionnaireconstructed
kb13a020Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Fighting Poverty at Home and Abroad

The questionnaire was administered in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 2136 (100.0%)
Non-response: 332 (15.5%)
Response: 1804 (84.5%)
Complete: 1803 (84.4%)
Incomplete: 1 (0.1%)
Collection Events
02-12-2013 to 31-12-2013
Participants age 16 and older
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents.