How is obesity perpetuated or resisted in different contexts?

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How is obesity perpetuated or resisted in different contexts?
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This study examines risk factors for obesity: besides individual aspects, social and environmental factors are looked into. By investigating which factors encourage being 'non-obese’, the study aims to discover means by which obesity can be avoided.
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Single Wave Study
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Swan, Emily, Koelen, Maria, Bouwman, Laura, Aarts, Noelle
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CentERdata/MESS Project

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of household member encryptedpreloaded
ia13a_mYear and month of the field workconstructed
ia13a001Do you have the feeling that you don’t really care about what goes on around you?directly measured
ia13a002Has it happened in the past that you were surprised by the behavior of people whom you thought you knew well?directly measured
ia13a003Has it happened that people whom you counted on, disappointed you?directly measured
ia13a004In your life so far, have you had...directly measured
ia13a005Do you have the feeling that you are being treated unfairly?directly measured
ia13a006Do you have the feeling that you are in an unfamiliar situation and don’t know what to do?directly measured
ia13a007Your daily activities are...directly measured
ia13a008Do you have contradictory thoughts and feelings?directly measured
ia13a009Do you have feelings that you wish you didn’t have?directly measured
ia13a010How often do you have the feeling that you are unable to cope well with certain situations?directly measured
ia13a011Generally speaking, when something happens to you, do you think thatdirectly measured
ia13a012How often do you have the feeling that your daily life amounts to very little?directly measured
ia13a013How often do you have feelings that you’re not sure you can keep under control?directly measured
ia13a014Full-fat milk is a better source of calcium than semi-skimmed milk.directly measured
ia13a015By removing the skin of a chicken, the chicken becomes less fat.directly measured
ia13a016When you eat more bread, you gain more protein.directly measured
ia13a017Every type of fat is bad for your health.directly measured
ia13a018Consuming a lot of salt can raise your blood pressure.directly measured
ia13a019Not more than one-third of the daily calorie intake should consist of fat.directly measured
ia13a020White bread contains more nutritional fiber than whole-wheat bread.directly measured
ia13a021Pulses are a good source of protein.directly measured
ia13a022Cholesterol is only found in animal products.directly measured
ia13a023When I have eaten enough, I stop eating.directly measured
ia13a024I deliberately eat small portions to avoid gaining weight.directly measured
ia13a025If I happen to eat more than usual on a certain day, then I compensate for that by eating less on another day.directly measured
ia13a026If I happen to eat more than usual during a meal, then I compensate for that by eating less during the next meal.directly measured
ia13a027I deliberately restrain myself during a meal to avoid gaining weight.directly measured
ia13a028I closely watch for any changes in my figure.directly measured
ia13a029I prefer to eat light-products that don’t make you fat.directly measured
ia13a030How concerned are you with what you eat?directly measured
ia13a031How often do you deliberately eat less than you actually want to?directly measured
ia13a032I am satisfied with my current weight.directly measured
ia13a033I consider myself to be slim.directly measured
ia13a034So far I have never had to make an effort to not gain weight.directly measured
ia13a035While watching televisiondirectly measured
ia13a036When you feel bored or restlessdirectly measured
ia13a037During festive holidaysdirectly measured
ia13a038When you are tense or upset on account of your jobdirectly measured
ia13a039When eating at a friend’s house in the eveningdirectly measured
ia13a040When you cook for other peopledirectly measured
ia13a041When you eat in a restaurant on your owndirectly measured
ia13a042If you are angry or annoyeddirectly measured
ia13a043If you feel very hungrydirectly measured
ia13a044If you are saddirectly measured
ia13a045When you want to relax by having good fooddirectly measured
ia13a046If you have many fatty food items at homedirectly measured
ia13a047When you want to celebrate something with othersdirectly measured
ia13a048When someone offers you something fatty to eatdirectly measured
ia13a049When you really feel like having your favorite food which contains a lot of fatdirectly measured
ia13a050When you have visitorsdirectly measured
ia13a051During vacationsdirectly measured
ia13a052When you eat out with people who order fatty dishesdirectly measured
ia13a053At parties where many fatty snacks are serveddirectly measured
ia13a054During sports and leisure time events where fatty fast-food is availabledirectly measured
ia13a055When you have little time and need to eat quicklydirectly measured
ia13a056When you are upset because of issues within your direct or extended familydirectly measured
ia13a057If you want to have more variation in your eating habitsdirectly measured
ia13a058If you need to prepare your own mealsdirectly measured
ia13a059When others bring or serve fatty fooddirectly measured
ia13a060When you see tasty fatty food items in the supermarketdirectly measured
ia13a061Whatever I do, I will probably fall sick anyhow.directly measured
ia13a062When I am sick, it depends on me how quickly I will recover.directly measured
ia13a063My good health is largely a matter of natural disposition or good fortune.directly measured
ia13a064When I recover from an illness, I owe this largely to my doctor.directly measured
ia13a065If I don’t feel good, I need to consult a doctor.directly measured
ia13a066By taking good care of myself I can prevent falling sick.directly measured
ia13a067Regarding my health, I can only do what the doctor tells me to do.directly measured
ia13a068When I fall sick then I only have myself to blame.directly measured
ia13a069Doctors have a lot of influence on whether I remain healthy or not.directly measured
ia13a070How quickly I recover from an illness is largely determined by chance.directly measured
ia13a071My health is primarily determined by what I do personally.directly measured
ia13a072Most of the things that make me fall sick are a matter of chance.directly measured
ia13a073Doctors determine my health.directly measured
ia13a074I am in control of my health.directly measured
ia13a075To prevent sickness it is good to consult a doctor regularly.directly measured
ia13a076Whether I remain healthy is a matter of chance events.directly measured
ia13a077It mainly depends on me how quickly I recover from an illness.directly measured
ia13a078When I fall sick then that’s how it is, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.directly measured
ia13a079They are encouraged to not eat unhealthy food (cake, cookies, french fries) when they are tempted to.directly measured
ia13a080People talk to them about healthy food.directly measured
ia13a081They are asked how their healthy eating is coming along.directly measured
ia13a082They are reminded not to eat unhealthy food.directly measured
ia13a083They are given compliments about positive changes in their eating habits.directly measured
ia13a084Comments are made whenever they do eat unhealthy food.directly measured
ia13a085People refuse to eat healthy food with them.directly measured
ia13a086People eat food with a lot of fat, salt or sugar in front of them.directly measured
ia13a087People bring along the kind of food that they are trying to stay away from.directly measured
ia13a088People react with annoyance when someone encourages them to eat healthy food.directly measured
ia13a089They are offered the kind of food that they are trying to stay away from.directly measured
ia13a090People in my neighborhood are willing to help their neighbors.directly measured
ia13a091This is a closely-knit neighborhood.directly measured
ia13a092It is easy to make friends in my neighborhood.directly measured
ia13a093People in this neighborhood can be trusted.directly measured
ia13a094People in this neighborhood don’t get along well.directly measured
ia13a095People in this neighborhood don’t share the same values.directly measured
ia13a096People in the neighborhood would say or do something if a child is impolite to an adult or another child.directly measured
ia13a097People in the neighborhood would say or do something if a child were to break something or damage someone’s property.directly measured
ia13a098People in the neighborhood would say or do something if a fight were to break out in front of their door.directly measured
ia13a099there are places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.directly measured
ia13a100I have access to fresh fruits and vegetables of good quality in the supermarket or on the market.directly measured
ia13a101I can buy affordable fruits and vegetables.directly measured
ia13a102there are enough places where food of good quality can be bought.directly measured
ia13a103I have the option of buying food of good quality in the supermarket.directly measured
ia13a104I can buy affordable food of good quality.directly measured
ia13a105there are places to buy low-fat products (lean meat, low-fat types of cheese).directly measured
ia13a106I have the option of buying low-fat items in the supermarket or on the market.directly measured
ia13a107I can buy affordable low-fat products.directly measured
ia13a108there are places (e.g. cafés and restaurants) where I can have a healthy meal.directly measured
ia13a109Are you pregnant, at present?directly measured
ia13a110Are you undergoing treatment for an eating disorder, at present?directly measured
ia13a111Do you have a medical condition that requires you to follow a special diet?directly measured
ia13a113Do you suffer from a medical condition or illness that can cause weight gain or loss unintentionally? (For example cancer, a metabolic disorder, thyroid disorder)directly measured
ia13a115Do you currently use any medication? This only concerns prescription medication.directly measured
ia13a117Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
ia13a118Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
ia13a119Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
ia13a120Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
ia13a121Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
ia13a122Starting date questionnaireconstructed
ia13a123Starting time questionnaireconstructed
ia13a124End date questionnaireconstructed
ia13a125End time questionnaireconstructed
ia13a126duration of questionnaire in secondsderived


Questionnaire: How is obesity perpetuated or resisted in different contexts?

The study was administered in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 1001 (100.0%)
Non-response: 55 (5.5%)
Response: 946 (94.5%)
Complete: 944 (94.3%)
Incomplete: 2 (0.2%)
Collection Events
07-01-2013 to 29-01-2013
Panel members aged 18 years and older, who had either measured their weight between August to November 2012 in the ‘Weighing’ project or who were part of the new recruitment group (recruitment during December 2012/January 2013) for that project.
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents.