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In March 2012, the LISS panel completed a questionnaire about choosing between people. This study uses a vignette approach, requiring respondents to choose each time between two descriptions selected at random from 500 vignettes supplied by the study’s commissioning client. In the section about formal (public) solidarity, eight characteristics are described for the individuals, and in the section about informal (private) solidarity, five characteristics are described. The characteristics are moreover displayed in random order (vertically) on the screen for each respondent.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Berg, M., De Beer, P.
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Funding Organization
CentERdata/MESS Project

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of household member encryptedpreloaded
gk12a_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
gk12a001The characteristic displayed firstconstructed
gk12a002The characteristic displayed secondconstructed
gk12a003The characteristic displayed thirdconstructed
gk12a004The characteristic displayed fourthconstructed
gk12a005The characteristic displayed fifthconstructed
gk12a006The characteristic displayed sixthconstructed
gk12a007The characteristic displayed seventhconstructed
gk12a008The characteristic displayed eighthconstructed
gk12a009The characteristic displayed firstconstructed
gk12a010The characteristic displayed secondconstructed
gk12a011The characteristic displayed thirdconstructed
gk12a012The characteristic displayed fourthconstructed
gk12a013The characteristic displayed fifthconstructed
gk12a014Presented first: Sexpreloaded
gk12a015Presented second: Sexpreloaded
gk12a016Presented third: Sexpreloaded
gk12a017Presented fourth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a018Presented fifth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a019Presented sixth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a020Presented seventh: Sexpreloaded
gk12a021Presented eighth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a022Presented ninth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a023Presented tenth: Sexpreloaded
gk12a024Presented first: Agepreloaded
gk12a025Presented second: Agepreloaded
gk12a026Presented third: Agepreloaded
gk12a027Presented fourth: Agepreloaded
gk12a028Presented fifth: Agepreloaded
gk12a029Presented sixth: Agepreloaded
gk12a030Presented seventh: Agepreloaded
gk12a031Presented eighth: Agepreloaded
gk12a032Presented ninth: Agepreloaded
gk12a033Presented tenth: Agepreloaded
gk12a034Presented first: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a035Presented second: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a036Presented third: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a037Presented fourth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a038Presented fifth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a039Presented sixth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a040Presented seventh: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a041Presented eighth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a042Presented ninth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a043Presented tenth: Cultural backgroundpreloaded
gk12a044Presented first: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a045Presented second: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a046Presented third: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a047Presented fourth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a048Presented fifth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a049Presented sixth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a050Presented seventh: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a051Presented eighth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a052Presented ninth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a053Presented tenth: Number of working yearspreloaded
gk12a054Presented first: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a055Presented second: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a056Presented third: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a057Presented fourth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a058Presented fifth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a059Presented sixth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a060Presented seventh: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a061Presented eighth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a062Presented ninth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a063Presented tenth: Social welfare situationpreloaded
gk12a064Presented first: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a065Presented second: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a066Presented third: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a067Presented fourth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a068Presented fifth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a069Presented sixth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a070Presented seventh: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a071Presented eighth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a072Presented ninth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a073Presented tenth: Number of underage childrenpreloaded
gk12a074Presented first: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a075Presented second: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a076Presented third: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a077Presented fourth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a078Presented fifth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a079Presented sixth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a080Presented seventh: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a081Presented eighth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a082Presented ninth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a083Presented tenth: Distance from residencepreloaded
gk12a084Presented first: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a085Presented second: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a086Presented third: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a087Presented fourth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a088Presented fifth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a089Presented sixth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a090Presented seventh: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a091Presented eighth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a092Presented ninth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a093Presented tenth: Voluntary workpreloaded
gk12a094Presented first: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a095Presented second: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a096Presented third: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a097Presented fourth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a098Presented fifth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a099Presented sixth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a100Presented seventh: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a101Presented eighth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a102Presented ninth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a103Presented tenth: Sex vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a104Presented first: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a105Presented second: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a106Presented third: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a107Presented fourth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a108Presented fifth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a109Presented sixth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a110Presented seventh: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a111Presented eighth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a112Presented ninth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a113Presented tenth: Age vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a114Presented first: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a115Presented second: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a116Presented third: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a117Presented fourth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a118Presented fifth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a119Presented sixth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a120Presented seventh: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a121Presented eighth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a122Presented ninth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a123Presented tenth: Cultural background vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a124Presented first: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a125Presented second: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a126Presented third: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a127Presented fourth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a128Presented fifth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a129Presented sixth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a130Presented seventh: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a131Presented eighth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a132Presented ninth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a133Presented tenth: Degree of familiarity vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a134Presented first: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a135Presented second: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a136Presented third: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a137Presented fourth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a138Presented fifth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a139Presented sixth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a140Presented seventh: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a141Presented eighth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a142Presented ninth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a143Presented tenth: Reciprocal service vignette Bpreloaded
gk12a144Which of the two people described below most deserves the support of the government?directly measured
gk12a145Which of the two people described below most deserves the support of the government?directly measured
gk12a146Which of the two people described below most deserves the support of the government?directly measured
gk12a147Which of the two people described below most deserves the support of the government?directly measured
gk12a148Which of the two people described below most deserves the support of the government?directly measured
gk12a149Which of the two neighborhood residents described below would you be most inclined to help?directly measured
gk12a150Which of the two neighborhood residents described below would you be most inclined to help?directly measured
gk12a151Which of the two neighborhood residents described below would you be most inclined to help?directly measured
gk12a152Which of the two neighborhood residents described below would you be most inclined to help?directly measured
gk12a153Which of the two neighborhood residents described below would you be most inclined to help?directly measured
gk12a154Did you make your choices mainly on the basis of emotion or on the basis of reason (by systematically weighing the different characteristics)?directly measured
gk12a155Social provisions in the Netherlands… are too much of a burden on the economy.directly measured
gk12a156Social provisions in the Netherlands… prevent large-scale poverty.directly measured
gk12a157Social provisions in the Netherlands… lead to a more equal society.directly measured
gk12a158Social provisions in the Netherlands… encourage people from other countries to come live here.directly measured
gk12a159Social provisions in the Netherlands… cost companies too much in taxes and premiums.directly measured
gk12a160Social provisions in the Netherlands… make it easier to combine work and family.directly measured
gk12a161Social provisions in the Netherlands… make people lazy.directly measured
gk12a162Social provisions in the Netherlands… make people less willing to look after one another.directly measured
gk12a163Social provisions in the Netherlands… cause people to feel less responsible for themselves and their family.directly measured
gk12a164Young people should show solidarity with elderly people.directly measured
gk12a165Elderly people should show solidarity with young people.directly measured
gk12a166Native Dutch people should show solidarity with immigrants.directly measured
gk12a167Immigrants should show solidarity with native Dutch people.directly measured
gk12a168How often do you follow the news via… the Telegraaf newspaperdirectly measured
gk12a169How often do you follow the news via… the NOS journaal (television news broadcast)directly measured
gk12a170How often do you follow the news via… nu.nldirectly measured
gk12a171How often do you follow the news via… Hart van Nederland (television news program)directly measured
gk12a172How often do you follow the news via… the Volkskrant newspaperdirectly measured
gk12a173How often do you follow the news via… other mediadirectly measured
gk12a174What is your cultural background? (If you have more than one cultural background, then choose the one you consider most important).directly measured
gk12a175Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
gk12a176Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
gk12a177Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
gk12a178Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
gk12a179Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
gk12a180Starting date questionnaireconstructed
gk12a181Starting time questionnaireconstructed
gk12a182End date questionnaireconstructed
gk12a183End time questionnaireconstructed
gk12a184Duration questionnaire in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Solidarity

The questionnaire was originally conducted in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members 7,512 (100%)
Non-response: 1,907 (25.4%)
Response: 5,605 (74.6%)
Complete: 5,580 (74.3%)
Incomplete: 25 (0.3%)
Collection Events
05-03-2012 to 27-03-2012
All panel members aged 16 years and older
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents.


Solidariteit in de participatiesamenleving Universiteit Utrecht; Elven, B. van