The use of dependent interviewing and event history calendars in recording monthly data in an annual panel study

Single Wave Study

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The use of dependent interviewing and event history calendars in recording monthly data in an annual panel study
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The questionnaire includes questions on health and visits to the GP in the past year. An experiment was incorporated, looking into the effects of dependent interviewing (DI) and the use of landmarks on the reported answers. In order to do so, a distinction was made between panel members who had filled out questions on health in 2011, and GP-visits on a monthly basis and those who only did so once a year.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Lugtig, P.J., Glasner, T.J.
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Funding Organization
CentERdata/MESS Project

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Data Files

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of household member encryptedpreloaded
gc12a_mYear and month of the field work periodconstructed
gc12a001participant body weight-experiment (ee11a)preloaded
gc12a002experimental grouppreloaded
ch10d004preloaded variable: How would you describe your health, generally speaking?preloaded
ee11a013preloaded variable: How often in the past 4 weeks did you use the following health services for yourself?directly measured
gc12a003Day event 1directly measured
gc12a004Month event 1directly measured
gc12a005Day event 2directly measured
gc12a006Month event 2directly measured
gc12a007Day event 3directly measured
gc12a008Month event 3directly measured
gc12a009Day event 4directly measured
gc12a010Month event 4directly measured
gc12a011Day event 5directly measured
gc12a012Month event 5directly measured
gc12a013Day event 6directly measured
gc12a014Month event 6directly measured
gc12a015How would you describe your health, generally speaking?directly measured
gc12a016A year ago you indicated your health was [ch10d004]. Do you feel that, in the past year, your health has [improved/deteriorated]?directly measured
gc12a017Health Nov. 2010directly measured
gc12a018Health Dec. 2010directly measured
gc12a019Health Jan. 2011directly measured
gc12a020Health Feb. 2011directly measured
gc12a021Health March 2011directly measured
gc12a022Health April 2011directly measured
gc12a023Health May 2011directly measured
gc12a024Health June 2011directly measured
gc12a025Health July 2011directly measured
gc12a026Health Aug. 2011directly measured
gc12a027Health Sept. 2011directly measured
gc12a028Health Oct. 2011directly measured
gc12a029Health Nov. 2011directly measured
gc12a030Health Dec. 2011directly measured
gc12a031Health Jan. 2012directly measured
gc12a032How often, in the past 4 weeks, did you use the following health service for yourself? General physiciandirectly measured
gc12a033General physician Jan. 2011directly measured
gc12a034General physician Feb. 2011directly measured
gc12a035General physician March 2011directly measured
gc12a036General physician April 2011directly measured
gc12a037General physician May 2011directly measured
gc12a038General physician June 2011directly measured
gc12a039General physician July 2011directly measured
gc12a040General physician Aug. 2011directly measured
gc12a041General physician Sept. 2011directly measured
gc12a042General physician Oct. 2011directly measured
gc12a043General physician Nov. 2011directly measured
gc12a044General physician Dec. 2011directly measured
gc12a045General physician Jan. 2012directly measured
gc12a046Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
gc12a047Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
gc12a048Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
gc12a049Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
gc12a050Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
gc12a051Starting date questionnaireconstructed
gc12a052Starting time questionnaireconstructed
gc12a053End date questionnaireconstructed
gc12a054End time questionnaireconstructed
gc12a055Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: The use of dependent interviewing and event history calendars in recording monthly data in an annual panel study

This questionnaire was originally conducted in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members 4,042 (100%)
Non-response: 590 (14.6%)
Response: 3,452 (85.4%)
Complete: 3,433 (84.9%)
Incomplete: 19 (0.5%)
Collection Events
02-01-2012 to 31-01-2012
A selection of panel members aged 16 years and older, consisting of the panel members that participated in the weighing project in the months preceding this experiment and therefore completed at least one of the corresponding surveys + a random selection of panel members who were not selected for the weighing project.
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents.