European Values Study (LISS panel version)

Single Wave Study

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European Values Study (LISS panel version)
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This research aims at exploring response differences between two modes by comparing the face-to-face surveys of the Dutch ‘European Values Study’ of 2008 with a time parallel web survey based on a part of the EVS in the context of the LISS panel research project.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
Moors, G.B.D., Hagenaars, Jacques, Luijkx, Ruud
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CentERdata/MESS Project

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of household member encryptedpreloaded
ad08a_mYear and month of the field work periodpreloaded
ad08a001The 6 random groupspreloaded
ad08a002Workdirectly measured
ad08a003Familydirectly measured
ad08a004Friends and acquaintancesdirectly measured
ad08a005Leisure timedirectly measured
ad08a006Politicsdirectly measured
ad08a007Religiondirectly measured
ad08a008When you get together with your friends, would you say you discuss political matters frequently, occasionally or never?directly measured
ad08a009Talking all things together, would you say you are?directly measured
ad08a010All in all, how would you describe your state of health these days? Would you say it isdirectly measured
ad08a011Social welfare services for elderly, handicapped or deprived peopledirectly measured
ad08a012Religious or church organisationsdirectly measured
ad08a013Education, arts, music or cultural activitiesdirectly measured
ad08a014Trade unionsdirectly measured
ad08a015Political parties or groupsdirectly measured
ad08a016Local community action on issues like poverty, employment, housing, racial equalitydirectly measured
ad08a017Third world development or human rightsdirectly measured
ad08a018Conservation, the environment, ecology, animal rightsdirectly measured
ad08a019Professional associationsdirectly measured
ad08a020Youth work (e.g. scouts, guides, youth clubs etc.)directly measured
ad08a021Sports or recreationdirectly measured
ad08a022Women’s groupsdirectly measured
ad08a023Peace movementdirectly measured
ad08a024Voluntary organisations concerned with healthdirectly measured
ad08a025Other groupsdirectly measured
ad08a026don’t knowdirectly measured
ad08a027Social welfare services for elderly, handicapped or deprived peopledirectly measured
ad08a028Religious or church organisationsdirectly measured
ad08a029Education, arts, music or cultural activitiesdirectly measured
ad08a030Trade unionsdirectly measured
ad08a031Political parties or groupsdirectly measured
ad08a032Local community action on issues like poverty, employment, housing, racial equalitydirectly measured
ad08a033Third world development or human rightsdirectly measured
ad08a034Conservation, the environment, ecology, animal rightsdirectly measured
ad08a035Professional associationsdirectly measured
ad08a036Youth work (e.g. scouts, guides, youth clubs etc.)directly measured
ad08a037Sports or recreationdirectly measured
ad08a038Women’s groupsdirectly measured
ad08a039Peace movementdirectly measured
ad08a040Voluntary organisations concerned with healthdirectly measured
ad08a041Other groupsdirectly measured
ad08a042don’t knowdirectly measured
ad08a043People with a criminal recorddirectly measured
ad08a044People of a different racedirectly measured
ad08a045Left wing extremistsdirectly measured
ad08a046Heavy drinkersdirectly measured
ad08a047Right wing extremistsdirectly measured
ad08a048People with large familiesdirectly measured
ad08a049Emotionally unstable peopledirectly measured
ad08a050Muslimsdirectly measured
ad08a051Immigrants/foreign workersdirectly measured
ad08a052People who have AIDSdirectly measured
ad08a053Drug addictsdirectly measured
ad08a054Homosexualsdirectly measured
ad08a055Jewsdirectly measured
ad08a056Gypsiesdirectly measured
ad08a057Christiansdirectly measured
ad08a058don’t knowdirectly measured
ad08a059Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted or that you can’t be too careful in dealing with people?directly measured
ad08a060Do you think that most people would try to take advantage of you if they got the chance, of would they try to be fair?directly measured
ad08a061Would you say that most of the time people try to be helpful or that they are mostly looking out for themselves?directly measured
ad08a062How much freedom of choice and control you feel you have over the way your life turns out?directly measured
ad08a063All things considered, how satisfied are you with your life as a whole these days?directly measured
ad08a064Why are there people in this country who live in need? Here are four possible reasons. Which one reason do you consider to be most important?directly measured
ad08a065And which reason do you consider to be the second most important?directly measured
ad08a066Good paydirectly measured
ad08a067Pleasant people to work withdirectly measured
ad08a068Not too much pressuredirectly measured
ad08a069Good job securitydirectly measured
ad08a070Good hoursdirectly measured
ad08a071An opportunity to use initiativedirectly measured
ad08a072A useful job for societydirectly measured
ad08a073Generous holidaysdirectly measured
ad08a074Meeting peopledirectly measured
ad08a075A job in which you feel you can achieve somethingdirectly measured
ad08a076A responsible jobdirectly measured
ad08a077A job that is interestingdirectly measured
ad08a078A job that meets one’s abilitiesdirectly measured
ad08a079Learning new skillsdirectly measured
ad08a080Family friendlydirectly measured
ad08a081Have a say in important decisionsdirectly measured
ad08a082People treated equally at the workplacedirectly measured
ad08a083don’t knowdirectly measured
ad08a084Are you yourself employed or not?directly measured
ad08a085Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your job?directly measured
ad08a086How free are you to make decisions in your job? Please indicate how much decisionmaking freedom you feel you have.directly measured
ad08a087To fully develop your talents, you need to have a jobdirectly measured
ad08a088It is humiliating to receive money without having to work for itdirectly measured
ad08a089People who don’t work turn lazydirectly measured
ad08a090Work is a duty towards societydirectly measured
ad08a091Work should always come first, even if it means less spare timedirectly measured
ad08a092Meeting nice peopledirectly measured
ad08a093Relaxingdirectly measured
ad08a094Doing as I wantdirectly measured
ad08a095Learning something newdirectly measured
ad08a096People have different ideas about following instruction at work. Which of these two opinions do you agree with?directly measured
ad08a097When jobs are scarce, employers should give priority to Dutch people over immigrantsdirectly measured
ad08a098When jobs are scarce, men have more right to a job than womendirectly measured
ad08a099Here are three statements which people sometimes make when discussing good and evil. Which one comes closest to your own point of view?directly measured
ad08a100Do you belong to a religious denomination?directly measured
ad08a101Which one?directly measured
ad08a102Were you ever a member of another religious denomination, which one?directly measured
ad08a103Were you ever a member of a[nother] religious denomination?directly measured
ad08a104Which one?directly measured
ad08a105What other religion do you mean?directly measured
ad08a106Apart from weddings, funerals and christenings, about how often do you attend religious services these days?directly measured
ad08a107Apart from weddings, funerals and christenings, about how often did you attend religious services when you were 12 years old?directly measured
ad08a108Birthdirectly measured
ad08a109Marriagedirectly measured
ad08a110Deathdirectly measured
ad08a111Independently of whether you go to church or not, would you say you are.....directly measured
ad08a112the moral problems and needs of the individualdirectly measured
ad08a113the problems of family lifedirectly measured
ad08a114people spiritual needsdirectly measured
ad08a115the social problems facing our country todaydirectly measured
ad08a116Goddirectly measured
ad08a117life after deathdirectly measured
ad08a118helldirectly measured
ad08a119heavendirectly measured
ad08a120sindirectly measured
ad08a121Do you believe in re-incarnation, that is, that we are born into this world again?directly measured
ad08a122Which of these statements comes closest to your beliefs?directly measured
ad08a123Please choose a number to describe how true this statement is for you. I have my own way of connecting with the Divine without churches or religious services.directly measured
ad08a124Whether or not you think of yourself as a religious person, how spiritual would you say you are, that is how strongly are you interested in the sacred or the supernatural?directly measured
ad08a125These are statements one sometimes hears. Please choose the statement that best describes your view?directly measured
ad08a126And how important is God in your life? 10 means very important and 1 means not at all important.directly measured
ad08a127Do you find that you get comfort and strenght from religion or not?directly measured
ad08a128Do you take some moments of prayer, meditation or contemplation or something like that?directly measured
ad08a129How often do you pray to God outside of religious services?directly measured
ad08a130Do you believe that a lucky charm such as a mascot or a talisman can protect or help you?directly measured
ad08a131Politicians who do not believe in God are unfit for public officedirectly measured
ad08a132Religious leaders should not influence government decisionsdirectly measured
ad08a133Faithfullnessdirectly measured
ad08a134An adequate incomedirectly measured
ad08a135Being of the same social backgrounddirectly measured
ad08a136Shared religious beliefsdirectly measured
ad08a137Good housingdirectly measured
ad08a138Agreement on politicsdirectly measured
ad08a139Living apart from your in-lawsdirectly measured
ad08a140Happy sexual relationshipdirectly measured
ad08a141Sharing household scoresdirectly measured
ad08a142Childrendirectly measured
ad08a143Being willing to discuss the problems that come up between husband and wifedirectly measured
ad08a144Having some time for one’s own friends and for personal hobbies/activitiesdirectly measured
ad08a145If someone says a child needs a home with both a father and a mother to grow up happily, would you tend to agree or disagree?directly measured
ad08a146Do you think that a woman has to have children in order to be fulfilled or is this not necessary?directly measured
ad08a147Do you agree of disagree with the following statement: Marriage is an outdated institution.directly measured
ad08a148If a woman wants to have a child as a single parent, but she doesn’t want to have a stable relationship with a man, do you approve or disapprove?directly measured
ad08a149A man has to have children in order to be fulfilleddirectly measured
ad08a150A marriage or a long-term stable relationship is necessary to be happydirectly measured
ad08a151Homosexual couples should be able to adopt childrendirectly measured
ad08a152It is alright for two people to live together without getting marrieddirectly measured
ad08a153It is a duty towards society to have childrendirectly measured
ad08a154People should decide for themselves whether to have children or notdirectly measured
ad08a155When a parent is seriously ill or fragile, it is mainly the adult child’s duty to take care of him/herdirectly measured
ad08a156A working mother can establish just as warm and secure a relationship with her children as a mother who does not workdirectly measured
ad08a157A pre-school child is likely to suffer if his or her mother worksdirectly measured
ad08a158A job is alright but what most women really want is a home and childrendirectly measured
ad08a159Being a housewife is just as fulfilling as working for paydirectly measured
ad08a160Having a job is the best way for a woman to be an independent persondirectly measured
ad08a161Both the husband and wife should contribute to household incomedirectly measured
ad08a162In general, fathers are as well suited to look after their children as mothersdirectly measured
ad08a163Men should take as much responsibility as women for the home and childrendirectly measured
ad08a164Which of these two statements do you tend to agree with?directly measured
ad08a165Which of the following statements best describes your views about parents’ responsibilities to their children?directly measured
ad08a166Which of the following statements best describes your views about responsibilities of adult children towards their parents when their parents are in need of long-term care?directly measured
ad08a167Good mannersdirectly measured
ad08a168Independencedirectly measured
ad08a169Hard workdirectly measured
ad08a170Feeling of responsibilitydirectly measured
ad08a171Imaginationdirectly measured
ad08a172Tolerance and respect for other peopledirectly measured
ad08a173Thrift, saving money and thingsdirectly measured
ad08a174Determination, perseverancedirectly measured
ad08a175Religious faithdirectly measured
ad08a176Unselfishnessdirectly measured
ad08a177Obediencedirectly measured
ad08a178don’t knowdirectly measured
ad08a179Where the woman is not marrieddirectly measured
ad08a180Where a married couple does not want to have any more childrendirectly measured
ad08a181How interested would you say you are in politics?directly measured
ad08a182Signing a petitiondirectly measured
ad08a183Joining in boycottsdirectly measured
ad08a184Attending lawful demonstrationsdirectly measured
ad08a185Joining unofficial strikesdirectly measured
ad08a186Occupying buildings or factoriesdirectly measured
ad08a187Which of these two statements comes closest to your own opinion?directly measured
ad08a188How would you place your views on political matters, generally speaking?directly measured
ad08a189Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a190Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a191Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a192Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a193Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a194Could you give your opinion on the following issue. How would you place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a195Below are three basic kinds of attitudes vis à vis the society we live in. Please choose the one which best describes your own opinion?directly measured
ad08a196If you had to choose, which of the things on this card would you say is most important?directly measured
ad08a197And which would be the next most important?directly measured
ad08a198Less emphasis on money and material possessionsdirectly measured
ad08a199Greater respect for authoritydirectly measured
ad08a200The churchdirectly measured
ad08a201The armed forcesdirectly measured
ad08a202The education systemdirectly measured
ad08a203The pressdirectly measured
ad08a204Trade unionsdirectly measured
ad08a205The policedirectly measured
ad08a206Parliamentdirectly measured
ad08a207Civil servicedirectly measured
ad08a208The social security systemdirectly measured
ad08a209The European Uniondirectly measured
ad08a210NATOdirectly measured
ad08a211United Nations Organizationdirectly measured
ad08a212Health care systemdirectly measured
ad08a213The justice systemdirectly measured
ad08a214Major companiesdirectly measured
ad08a215Environmental organizationsdirectly measured
ad08a216Political partiesdirectly measured
ad08a217Governmentdirectly measured
ad08a218On the whole are you very satisfied, rather satisfied, not very satisfied or not at all satisfied with the way democracy is developing in our country?directly measured
ad08a219People have different views about the system for governing this country. Here is a scale for rating how well things are going: 1 means very bad; 10 means very good.directly measured
ad08a220Having a strong leader who does not have to bother with parliament and electionsdirectly measured
ad08a221Having experts, not government, make decisions according to what they think is best for the countrydirectly measured
ad08a222Having the army rule the countrydirectly measured
ad08a223Having a democratic political systemdirectly measured
ad08a224Democracy may have problems but it’s better than any other form of governmentdirectly measured
ad08a225In democracy, the economic system runs badlydirectly measured
ad08a226Democracies are indecisive and have too much squabblingdirectly measured
ad08a227Democracies aren’t good at maintaining orderdirectly measured
ad08a228Claiming state benefits which you are not entitled todirectly measured
ad08a229Cheating on tax if you have the chancedirectly measured
ad08a230Taking and driving away a car belonging to someone else (joyriding)directly measured
ad08a231Taking the drug marijuana or hashishdirectly measured
ad08a232Lying in your own interestdirectly measured
ad08a233Married men/women having an affairdirectly measured
ad08a234Someone accepting a bribe in the course of their dutiesdirectly measured
ad08a235Homosexualitydirectly measured
ad08a236Abortiondirectly measured
ad08a237Divorsedirectly measured
ad08a238Euthanasia (terminating the life of the incurably sick)directly measured
ad08a239Suicidedirectly measured
ad08a240Paying cash for services to avoid taxesdirectly measured
ad08a241Having casual sexdirectly measured
ad08a242Avoiding a fare on public transportdirectly measured
ad08a243Prostitutiondirectly measured
ad08a244Scientific experiments on human embryosdirectly measured
ad08a245Genetic manipulation of food stuffsdirectly measured
ad08a246Artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization (IVF)directly measured
ad08a247Death penaltydirectly measured
ad08a248Which of these geographical groups would you say you belong to first of all?directly measured
ad08a249And secondly?directly measured
ad08a250Are you a citizen of The Netherlands?directly measured
ad08a251How proud are you to be a Dutch citizen?directly measured
ad08a252The loss of social securitydirectly measured
ad08a253The loss of national identity and culturedirectly measured
ad08a254Our country paying more and more to the European Uniondirectly measured
ad08a255A loss of power in the world for The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a256The loss of jobs in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a257What is your opinion on enlargement of the European Union?directly measured
ad08a258If there was a general election tomorrow, can you tell me if you would vote?directly measured
ad08a259Which partydirectly measured
ad08a260Which party thendirectly measured
ad08a261How about people from less developed countries coming here to work? Which one of the following do you think the government should do?directly measured
ad08a262Which of these two statements do you tend to agree with?directly measured
ad08a263Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a264Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a265Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a266Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a267Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a268Please indicate where you would place your views on this scale?directly measured
ad08a269Because of the number of immigrants in The Netherlands, I sometimes feel like a strangerdirectly measured
ad08a270Today in The Netherlands, there are too many immigrantsdirectly measured
ad08a271To have been born in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a272To respect Dutch political institutions and lawsdirectly measured
ad08a273To have Dutch ancestrydirectly measured
ad08a274To be able to speak Dutchdirectly measured
ad08a275To have lived for a long time in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a276How often do you follow politics in the news on television or on the radio or in the daily papers?directly measured
ad08a277If someone has information that may help justice be done, generally he or she should give it to the authoritiesdirectly measured
ad08a278People should stick to their own affairs and not show too much interest in what others say or dodirectly measured
ad08a279Your immediate familydirectly measured
ad08a280People in your neighbourhooddirectly measured
ad08a281The people of the region you live indirectly measured
ad08a282Your fellow countrymendirectly measured
ad08a283Europeansdirectly measured
ad08a284All humans all over the worlddirectly measured
ad08a285Elderly people in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a286Unemployed people in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a287Immigrants in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a288Sick and disabled people in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a289Children in poor families in The Netherlandsdirectly measured
ad08a290I would give part of my income if I were certain that the money would be used to prevent environmental pollutiondirectly measured
ad08a291We are approaching the limit of the number of people the earth can supportdirectly measured
ad08a292When humans interfere with nature it often produces disastrous consequencesdirectly measured
ad08a293Human ingenuity will insure that the earth remains fit to live indirectly measured
ad08a294The balance of nature is strong enough to cope with the impacts of modern industrial nationsdirectly measured
ad08a295Humans were meant to rule over the rest of naturedirectly measured
ad08a296If things continue on their present course, we will soon experience a major ecological catastrophedirectly measured
ad08a297Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
ad08a298Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
ad08a299Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
ad08a300Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
ad08a301Did you enjoy answering the questionsdirectly measured
ad08a302Starting date of the questionnaireconstructed
ad08a303Starting time of the questionnaireconstructed
ad08a304End date of the questionnaireconstructed
ad08a305End time of the questionnaireconstructed
ad08a306Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: EVS

This questionnaire was originally conducted in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Response: Selected number of household members: 4519 (100%)  
Non-response: 2088 (26.1%)
Response:  3339 (73.9%)
Complete:  3325 (73.6%)
Incomplete:  14 (0.3%)
Collection Events
07-04-2008 to 30-04-2008
Random selection of the LISS panel members based on a net desired response of 6 groups with a minimum of 500 respondents (total: 4519)
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
a reminder was sent twice to non-respondents


Atlas of European Values: Change and continuity in turbulent times European Values Series; Vol. 1, No. 1; Halman, L., et al.
You can look (but you better not touch): Who justifies casual sex before and during the Covid-19 pandemic? In R. Luijkx, T. Reeskens & I. Sieben (Eds.), Reflections on European values: Honouring Loek Halman’s contribution to the European Vales Study (pp. 388-402); Reeskens, T., et al.