Values Questionnaire

Single Wave Study

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Values Questionnaire
In April 2011, the Immigrants panel was presented a questionnaire on values. The values were measured by giving brief descriptions of persons and asking to what extent that person resembles the respondent. It applies to all descriptions in the questionnaire that, wherever reference is made to he/him/his, this can also be read as she/her/her.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Van De Vijver, F.J.R.
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Funding Organization
CentERdata/MESS Project
Cross-Cultural Psychology at Tilburg University
Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of household member encryptedpreloaded
ey11a_mYear and month of field work periodconstructed
ey11a001Preloaded variable: sexpreloaded
ey11a002Coming up with new ideas and being creative are important to him. He likes doing things in his own original way.directly measured
ey11a003It is important for him to be rich. He wants to have a lot of money and valuable things.directly measured
ey11a004He thinks it is important that every person in the world is treated equally. He believes that everyone should have equal opportunities in life.directly measured
ey11a005It is very important for him to display his skills. He wants people to admire what he does.directly measured
ey11a006It is important for him to live in a safe environment. He avoids everything that may endanger his safety.directly measured
ey11a007He thinks it is important to do many different things in life. He is always looking for new things to try out.directly measured
ey11a008He believes that people should do as they are told. He believes that people should obey the rules at all times, even if no one sees it.directly measured
ey11a009It is important for him to listen to people that are not like him. Even if he doesn’t agree with them, he wants to understand them.directly measured
ey11a010He thinks it is important to not want more than one has. He feels that people should be satisfied with what they have.directly measured
ey11a011He seizes every opportunity to have fun. It is important for him to do things that give him pleasure.directly measured
ey11a012It is important for him to decide for himself what he will do. He enjoys being free in planning and choosing his activities.directly measured
ey11a013It is very important to him to help the people around him. He wants to look after their well-being.directly measured
ey11a014Being very successful is important to him. He wants to impress other people.directly measured
ey11a015It is very important to him that his country is safe. He thinks that the state should be alert to dangers from outside and from within.directly measured
ey11a016He likes to take risks. He is always on the lookout for adventure.directly measured
ey11a017It is important to him to always conduct himself properly. He wants to avoid doing anything that other people may think is wrong.directly measured
ey11a018It is important for him to be in charge and to tell others what to do. He wants others to do as he says.directly measured
ey11a019It is important for him to be loyal to friends. He wants to be committed to people that are close to him.directly measured
ey11a020He strongly believes that people should look after nature. Caring for the environment is important to him.directly measured
ey11a021Religious faith is important to him. He tries very hard to do as his faith demands.directly measured
ey11a022It is important to him that things are organized and orderly. He really does not like things to be chaotic.directly measured
ey11a023He finds it important to be interested in things. He likes being curious and tries to understand all sorts of things.directly measured
ey11a024He believes that all people worldwide should live in harmony. Promoting peace between all groups of people on earth is important to him.directly measured
ey11a025He finds it important to be ambitious. He wants to demonstrate how capable he is.directly measured
ey11a026He thinks that it is best to do things in a traditional way. It is important for him to hold on to the customs that he has learned.directly measured
ey11a027Enjoying the pleasures of life is important to him. He likes to indulge himself.directly measured
ey11a028It is important for him to devote attention to the needs of others. He tries to support the people he knows.directly measured
ey11a029He believes that he should always treat his parents and older people with respect. It is important for him to be obedient.directly measured
ey11a030He wants to see everyone treated equally, even people he doesn’t know. It is important for him to protect the weaker members of society.directly measured
ey11a031He enjoys surprises. It is important for him to have an exciting life.directly measured
ey11a032He does his best to avoid getting sick. Staying healthy is very important to him.directly measured
ey11a033Getting ahead in life is important to him. He strives to become better than others.directly measured
ey11a034It is important to him to forgive people who have hurt him. He tries to see their goodness and not to bear any grudges.directly measured
ey11a035It is important for him to be independent. He wants to rely on himself.directly measured
ey11a036Having a stable government is important to him. He is concerned to see the social order preserved.directly measured
ey11a037It is important to him to always be polite to other people. He always tries to avoid being a burden or a nuisance to other people.directly measured
ey11a038He wants to really enjoy life. Feeling content is very important to him.directly measured
ey11a039It is important for him to be modest. He tries to not draw any attention to himself.directly measured
ey11a040He always wants to be the one to make decisions. He wants to be the leader.directly measured
ey11a041It is important for him to adapt to nature and to live in harmony with nature. He believes that humans should not change nature.directly measured
ey11a042Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
ey11a043Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
ey11a044Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
ey11a045Was it an interesting subject?directly measured
ey11a046Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
ey11a047Starting date of the questionnaireconstructed
ey11a048Starting time of the questionnaireconstructed
ey11a049End date of the questionnaireconstructed
ey11a050End time of the questionnaireconstructed
ey11a051Duration in secondsderived


Questionnaire: Values Questionnaire

This questionnaire was originally conducted in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 2553 (100%)  
Non-response: 787 (30.8%)
complete: 1760 (68.9%)
incomplete: 6 (.2%)
Collection Events
04-04-2011 to 27-04-2011
Panel members aged 16 years or older.
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
a reminder was sent twice to non-respondents