The Impact of Style and Rhetoric on the Perception of Right-Wing Populist Leaders

Single Wave Study

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The Impact of Style and Rhetoric on the Perception of Right-Wing Populist Leaders
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In February 2011, the questionnaire “National politics” was fielded in the LISS panel. This questionnaire examines the impact of style and rhetoric on the perception of right-wing populist leaders.
Longitudinal Type
Single Wave Study
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Bos, L.
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CentERdata/MESS Project

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Variable name Variable Label Variable Type
nomem_encrNumber of the household member encryptedpreloaded
ec11a_mMonth in which the questionnaire was completedconstructed
ec11a001Condition partyconstructed
ec11a002Condition writing styleconstructed
ec11a003Politician nameconstructed
ec11a004Politician surnameconstructed
ec11a005Name of political partyconstructed
ec11a006Position of politicianconstructed
ec11a007Do you think that Dutch politicians too often do not act in the public interest?directly measured
ec11a008Do you think that the Dutch population, rather than the politicians, should take the most important political decisions?directly measured
ec11a009Do you think that most Dutch politicians have no idea of what the majority of the Dutch population wants?directly measured
ec11a010Do you think that most Dutch politicians are incompetent?directly measured
ec11a011Even though they know better, politicians promise more than they can deliver.directly measured
ec11a012Ministers and state secretaries mainly pursue their own interests.directly measured
ec11a013Becoming a member of parliament is more a matter of having political friends than having the right competencies.directly measured
ec11a014Politicians do not at all understand the concerns of society.directly measured
ec11a015Politicians are well able to solve important problems.directly measured
ec11a016Most politicians are competent people who know what they’re doing.directly measured
ec11a017Which party holds the most seats in the current composition of the House of Representatives?directly measured
ec11a018Who was the campaign leader of the CDA in the parliamentary elections of 9 June 2010?directly measured
ec11a019Who is currently the Dutch European Commissioner at the European Union?directly measured
ec11a020Which of the parties below is most emphatically left-wing?directly measured
ec11a021Who is currently the president of the House of Representatives?directly measured
ec11a022Which ministry is headed by Minister Jan-Kees de Jager, within the Rutte-Verhagen cabinet?directly measured
ec11a023Stimulus text ec11a002 = 1 (C – Control condition)directly measured
ec11a024Stimulus text ec11a002 = 2 (PS - Populist Style)directly measured
ec11a025Stimulus text ec11a002 = 3 (PI - Populist Ideology)directly measured
ec11a026Stimulus text ec11a002 = 4 (A - Authoritativeness)directly measured
ec11a027Stimulus text ec11a002 = 5 (PS/PI – Populist Style + Populist Ideology)directly measured
ec11a028Stimulus text ec11a002 = 6 (PS/A – Populist Style + Authoritativeness)directly measured
ec11a029Stimulus text ec11a002 = 7 (PI/A – Populist Ideology + Authoritativeness)directly measured
ec11a030Stimulus text ec11a002 = 8 (PS/PI/A – Populist Style + Populist Ideology + Authoritativeness)directly measured
ec11a031Suppose you were to explain to a friend what the report you just read was about, what would you say?directly measured
ec11a032Please indicate the likelihood that you will ever vote for [if ec11a001 = 1: PVV / if ec11a001 = 2: VVD].directly measured
ec11a033Will you please indicate whether you think that [if ec11a001 = 1: Geert Wilders / if ec11a001 = 2: Stef Blok] has a lot of influence, or very little influence?directly measured
ec11a034How much impact does [if ec11a001 = 1: Geert Wilders / if ec11a001 = 2: Stef Blok] have on the public debate about societal issues?directly measured
ec11a035Please indicate whether you think that [if ec11a001 = 1: Geert Wilders / if ec11a001 = 2: Stef Blok] has adhered to the principles of democracy?directly measured
ec11a036Do you think that [if ec11a001 = 1: Geert Wilders / if ec11a001 = 2: Stef Blok] could pose a threat to democracy?directly measured
ec11a037he is a strong leaderdirectly measured
ec11a038he knows what he’s talking aboutdirectly measured
ec11a039he cares about people like medirectly measured
ec11a040sinceredirectly measured
ec11a041concerneddirectly measured
ec11a042trustworthydirectly measured
ec11a043authenticdirectly measured
ec11a044persuasivedirectly measured
ec11a045Was it difficult to answer the questions?directly measured
ec11a046Were the questions sufficiently clear?directly measured
ec11a047Did the questionnaire get you thinking about things?directly measured
ec11a048Was it an interesting subjectdirectly measured
ec11a049Did you enjoy answering the questions?directly measured
ec11a050Starting date questionnaireconstructed
ec11a051Starting time questionnaireconstructed
ec11a052End date questionnaireconstructed
ec11a053End time questionnaireconstructed
ec11a054Duration in secondsderived
ec11a055Date before textconstructed
ec11a056Time before textconstructed
ec11a057Date after textconstructed
ec11a058Time after textconstructed
ec11a059Date before writingconstructed
ec11a060Time before writingconstructed
ec11a061Date after writingconstructed
ec11a062Time after writingconstructed


Questionnaire: ImpactStyle

This questionnaire was originally conducted in Dutch.

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Response Information

Response Overview
Selected number of household members: 6898 (100.0%)
Non-response: 2006 (29.1%)
Response: 4892 (70.9%)
Complete: 4851 (70.3%)
Incomplete: 41 (0.6%)
Collection Events
07-02-2011 to 27-02-2011
members of the LISS panel of 16 years of age and older
Collection Mode
internet survey
Fieldwork Note
a reminder was sent twice to non-respondents